Nebula Accelerator

What is Nebula Accelerator?

Nebula Accelerator drives your sparking idea towards a successful business with acceleration, mentoring,and global expansion. We facilitate infrastructure, technical, and network backing for the start-ups. The aspiring entrepreneurs cross the moat and connect with government, investors, mentors, and promoters.During all the stages, Nebula would support you with funding.

Nebula Accelerator is inclined towards technological innovations and aligns them for commercial exploitation and social benefits. The Blockchain driven acceleration infuses trust and transparency assuring neutrality among the start-ups. If your idea comprises any of these:

  • FinTech
  • Education
  • AI, ML, Sensor Technology
  • Hospitality and Retail
  • Housing and Construction
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Water, Sanitation, and solid waste management
  • CleanTech, FoodTech, Renewable Energy, Bio-Technology, and Natural Science.
  • Or an untapped innovation in technology space

  • Then Nebula Accelerator is your foster home.
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Mission and Vision

Incubating 5,000+ start-ups, and equipping 10,000+ budding entrepreneurs to be investor ready by 2019-24!

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Why Nebula Accelerator?

  • Experienced mentors to polish your ideas towards a well-shaped business
  • Industry-wide mentors spanning from academics, industry, banking, trade and forex, technology, etc. to counsel you.
  • Established promoters with three decades of industry experience help you to develop a strong network with academia, industries, and investors.
  • Nebula Accelerator is associated with Brand India Magazine and TV. These are innovative platforms to publish the branding stories of start-ups and channelize them to give a market hook.
  • Nebula Accelerator runs on a blockchain system lending complete transparency and trust to the processes.
  • At the pre-incubation and incubation stage, Nebula Accelerator connects you with the right incubation centers at your city to conceive your idea.
  • Modern infrastructure fully equipped with 3D printing, Audio, Video, and web-conferencing facilities in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai Incubation center for technology start-ups.
  • Bridges the start-ups from tier 2 and tier 3 cities with the local incubation centers.
  • Program

    Once you are on-boarded with your product, Nebula Accelerator speeds up your journey with our Acceleration Program towards a successful enterprise.

    MVP to Market Product: Once you have a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) through hackathons and workshops, our technology and functional experts would guide you to transform the MVP to a marketable product. You refine the design of the MVP with the facilitation of our labs and guidance.

    Marketing Strategy: Float your ideas and showcase your MVPs in the market. Owners of the approved products can set up ventures with other SMEs and enterprises.

    Financial Support: We leverage your grants by coordinating with the government. Recommendation from the industry experts for your product is an accelerator for the official grants. However, we highly encourage bootstrapping. We promote business exceeding 10 Cr. Valuation through various channels.

    MVP to Market Product: Once you have a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) through hackathons and workshops, our technology and functional experts would guide you to transform the MVP to a marketable product. You refine the design of the MVP with the facilitation of our labs and guidance.

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    After the backing of leadership, community, and marketing, investment comes as the biggest challenge to a start-up. However, in Nebula Accelerator, you are rid of this worry completely. Because we believe in taking inception to finalization.

    Nebula Accelerator has a tie-up with US India Blockchain Council (USIBC) for fund provisioning. USIBC’s Blockchain Innovation Fund (BIF) is an initiative to fund the start-ups via various methods to budding Indian and global entrepreneurs, both.


    USIBC might seed the money from ₹5 Lac to ₹25 Lac through grants or easy loans at inception or incubation stage.

  • Focus is on ₹10 Cr valuation start-ups.
  • An individual investor should receive tax concession (CSR) or other incentives for investing in a start-up. USIBC dedicated funds of ₹ ten crores have to be created for the VIFs.
  • BIF’s target is to raise $10 Million during their first fundraising activity—a mix of traditional fundraising and public Initial Token Offering (ITO)—pioneered under Blockchain Innovation Fund.
  • Government Grants/ VC Funding

  • The government funding system treats investment in the range of ₹ 10-25 lakhs as a grant. The early stage funding layer should be cleared in fast track mode, and only at the second stage funding or series funding, equity or loans system should be introduced by Brand India Magazine & TV
  • Create SPVs to facilitate start-up funding at early stage start-ups.
  • Nebula Accelerator mentors help start-ups finding the right valuation of the products, align them to the venture capitalists and industry expert, and weed out the problems.

    Our experts from various industries mentor you to polish your nascent idea. When you incubate under our affiliated local incubator, we often provide you virtual mentorship or on the premise occasionally.

    We set the stage for the national level hackathons and workshops to transform your nascent yet sparking idea into an MVP to be validated by a panel of technology and industry experts.

    What more? You have the liberty to choose a guide from the expert crewmembers. Your like-minded entrepreneurs have already enrolled in the program. Don’t miss the bandwagon and fill the form to lead your idea to a successful start-up. Click Here

    Shape your fresh idea with our incubation program.

    With Nebula Accelerator, you as a tech Start-up entrepreneur apply for incubation support at Mumbai center, which spans from three to six months. Although we equally support all entrepreneurs, we have a soft corner for students.

    At the moment, we only support incubation in Mumbai. If you are a budding entrepreneur from another city, reach out to us, and we can bridge you to a local incubation center. We also provide mentorship virtually or on the premise for a short duration with our affiliated local incubators.

    We go through rigorous filtering processes to identify a brilliant idea. Our crew of industry experts and academics gauge each design and connect the selected projects to the best fit incubators located in your city.

    Co-working Space
    Our Mumbai incubation center at Mahalaxmi sets the platform for you with best-in-class working environment equipped with 3D printing, audio and video conferencing, hardware and software, cafeteria, library, and recreational room. If you dwell outside Mumbai, we will help you identify a suitable co-working space locally.

    Nebula Accelerator is a stellar program—one of its type to facilitate students and budding entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial dreams equally. The package aids you in multiple ways:

  • Develop vision, strategy, and structure of entrepreneurship development programs in institutions and regional incubation centers.
  • Organize entrepreneurship awareness drives and vocational courses for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Co-ordinate entrepreneurial activities in states, at the regional level, and in local areas.
  • Identify innovative ideas and transform them into commercial and/or socially beneficial products,processes, and services.
  • Connect you to the local incubation centers in your city.
  • Mentorship and hackathons to polish your idea into MVP
  • Reimbursement of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee
  • Patent Filing Cost (Sweat Equity Model)
  • The private sector labs/workshops are recognized as Centre of Excellence (COE) for the affiliated incubators
  • Fast-tracking the IP clearance
  • Reduce regulatory hassles for start-ups
  • Introduce the concept of government guaranteed tax-free bonds for mobilizing capital for funding start-ups.
  • Promote the “Made in India” movement
  • Develop Knowledge Technology Networks (KTN) within regional clusters.
  • Create a helpdesk comprising community driven experts, by inviting lawyers, CAs, IP Experts, and banking and media professionals.
  • Create a consortium of start-up valuation experts to help early stage start-ups for fundraising.
  • Invite industry associations to provide space for start-ups, SMEs exhibitions, trade shows, and workshops at a subsidized rate.
  • Pondering at global expansion now that your idea is transformed into a viable product?

    Once you have accelerated towards a market-ready product after association with Nebula Accelerator, we help you expand globally with our deep-rooted network in the prominent countries. With a network spread over countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Israel, Malta, Estonia, Spain, and Switzerland, we aid you to establish a strong foot in the various nations.

    Take your venture with Nebula’s aid across the borders at the eminent countries curbing all the hassles. We guide you on the documentation and processes making you realize your global expansion dream.

  • As an on boarded start-up, you can avail any of the 2 countries and position yourselves on site during a 2-month exchange program in the global market.
  • We help you connect with the consulates, authorities, and the right partners to fine-tune your product and arrange for the funds.
  • Register your company in the selected nations from our affiliated countries during your global expansion.
  • You can pitch your product in the international market and attract investors.
  • Contact us today to fulfill your global expansion dream.